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Working with Tanzania's Private Sector Federation to spur common market implementation

Published on November 04, 2016

This week the Hub and the Tanzania Private Sector Federation (TPSF) held key activities in the Hub's efforts to enhance the implementation of the East Africa Common Market Protocol. The Hub is working with TPSF, a Hub grantee, specifically to strengthen the capacity of Tanzania's private sector in regard to implementation of the Protocol.

On October 31, the Hub and TPSF held a private sector meeting to review a TPSF-prepared SWOT analysis to establish the quality of private sector participation in sector-specific common market implementation committees. Recommendations were made on how to enhance private sector participation in these committees. 

On November 1, the Hub and TPSF engaged the public sector in a Public Private Dialogue (PPD) whereby private sector representatives were given a platform to seek public sector support for implementation of policies, laws and regulations that require reform. Effective engagement between public and private sector will result in sound policy development and a better environment for trade and investment.