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Workers to move freely in the EAC from 2016

Published on July 06, 2015

East African partner states are working towards ensuring people can move and work freely in the region by December 31.

Immigration and labour experts from Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Kenya have jointly proposed harmonized classification, procedures, forms and fees for issuance of entry/work/ residence permits for the EAC citizens into the partner states. This is expected to be adopted before December 31.

But the partner states have divergent views on the harmonised work permit classifications for non-EAC foreigners, including diplomats, employees of international and civil society organisations, refugees, and foreigners seeking permanent residence.

Mary Makoffu, EAC director of social sectors said that although the partner states have divergent views on foreign classifications, consultations are ongoing and a final report is expected in September for review by the EAC Labour ministers before it is presented to the Heads of States in November for approval.

“The divergent views on some of the proposed classes will give guidance on the way forward in harmonizing the classification of the work permits,” said Ms Makoffu. Read more. Source | East African