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What it will take to transform leather industry

Published on February 21, 2018

The woes faced by Rwanda’s leather tanning industry could soon be history following new initiatives that seek to address the challenges that have dogged the sector for years. Issues like lack of enough raw materials, skills gap and low prices as well as dependence on imported finished leather materials have stifled the growth of the sector. The fact that a big percentage of hides and skins are exported to the region has starved local tanneries of raw materials.

Many dealers prefer to sell hides and skins to neighbouring countries, where they fetch better prices, according to stakeholders. However, a number of interventions were instituted, including levying high taxes on exported raw hides and skins and increasing prices paid to small dealers, which has raised optimism among local leather tanneries. Kigali Leather, located in Bugesera District, is the biggest leather tannery plant in the country. Read more. Source | New Times