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What if African nations operated as one big innovation ecosystem?

Published on May 11, 2015

Africa is the world’s second fastest growing region. According to McKinsey’s 2012 “Africa at work: Job creation and inclusive growth” report, poverty is falling, and around 90 million of its households have joined the world’s consuming classes—an increase of 31 million in just over a decade. Their data indicates that the continent must create wage-paying jobs more quickly to sustain these developments and ensure that growth benefits the majority of its people.

The data suggests that in the past decade, 37 million new and stable wage-paying jobs were created yet some 63 percent of the total labor force is still engaged in some form of self-employment or “vulnerable” employment, such as subsistence farming or urban street hawking. In the next 10 years, 122 million Africans will enter into the labor force. Read More. Source |  IT News Africa