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What are the specific AGOA requirements concerning products exported by SSA countries to the United States?


The products in question must have been deemed eligible for AGOA benefits by the U.S. government. They must also have been grown, produced or manufactured by a beneficiary country through more than a simple combining or packaging operation, and must be exported directly to the United States. The products must also meet the specific rule of origin requirements, and must be accompanied by import documentation that claims AGOA benefits on the relevant shipping documents. 

There are also additional requirements for specific types of products. In the case of apparel products, beneficiary countries must adopt a U.S.-government approved visa system and domestic laws and enforcement measures to prevent illegal transhipment of the apparel and use of counterfeit documents. In the case of agricultural products, they must comply with regulations established by the U.S. Agriculture Department to protect the health of the American public. In addition, beneficiary countries exporting agricultural products to the United States will have to provide the U.S. Food and Drug Administration with advance notice of each shipment entering the United States to permit the agency to target inspections more effectively and help ensure the safety of those products.


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