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What are the main benefits available to exporters from AGOA beneficiary countries?


AGOA accords duty-free access for eligible products to the largest single market in the world. It also provides beneficiary countries with a significant competitive advantage over non-AGOA countries that must pay normal tariff rates to enter the United States. This is particularly true with respect to products that have high U.S. tariff rates in many instances, such as apparel, footwear and agricultural products. 

The program also promotes export diversification in AGOA countries through its provision of duty-free and quota-free benefits to virtually all products. AGOA also encourages expanded regional integration and production sharing among beneficiary countries, and provides job creation and economic growth within those countries. 

In addition, AGOA provides significant opportunities for companies and business organizations to build relationships with their U.S. counterparts. It also provides security for both SSA exporters and potential U.S. investors by ensuring AGOA benefits until 2015