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USAID Hub supports Burundi to improve their investment environment

Published on April 05, 2018


On March 29, the USAID East Africa Trade and Investment Hub (the USAID Hub) launched the Burundi Investment Policy Assessment 2018. The Assessment will help public and private sector stakeholders press for policy reforms to stimulate, protect and retain foreign investment in the country. The Assessment details how Burundi's legal environment facilitates, or in some cases, impedes, investment opportunities. It also provides potential roadmaps for reform by highlighting international best practices in foreign investment regulation.

Burundi's leading foreign investors and service providers from the financial, mining, milling and agriculture, energy, telecommunications, infrastructure and construction, manufacturing, tourism, pharmaceuticals, textiles and other sectors attended the Assessment review. As part of the review, the stakeholders evaluated Burundi’s implementation of the East Africa Community (EAC) Common Market Protocol (CMP). Commitment no. 17 of the CMP requires EAC Partner States to remove measures that hinder EAC investors from exercising their investment rights in other EAC Partner States. These barriers also affect U.S. and other foreign investors, as they typically violate international best practices. By improving Burundi’s compliance with the CMP, Burundi can encourage further investment from EAC Partner States, the U.S. and other foreign investors.

Burundi’s Investment Policy Assessment was the first of four USAID Hub-led diagnostic reviews, with reviews in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania scheduled to take place by the end of May 2018. These activities contribute to the USAID Hub’s work to promote a more predictable, transparent and enabling business environment in East Africa that is conducive to trade competitiveness and accelerated investment. Click here for the PowerPoint presentation.