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US investors express faith in Kenya

Published on April 13, 2015

US investors remain confident in Kenya’s future despite the recent terrorist onslaught, the head of the US-Africa business association declared on Friday.

“The Garissa atrocity doesn’t fundamentally change investors’ views on Kenya,” said Stephen Hayes, president and chief executive of the Washington-based Corporate Council on Africa.

He said that investment “is in a way a calculated gamble that the future will be good”.

“Most investments don’t have immediate returns. Profits come in the long term. Therefore, the question is whether Kenya is a good long-term investment. I think the answer is yes,” Mr Hayes said. 

Offering a perspective more optimistic than that of some US analysts, the corporate council’s leader insisted that Kenya should still be seen as a land of opportunity.

“The reality is that Kenya has the best investment climate in East Africa and one of the best in Africa,” Mr Hayes added. “We believe that Kenya is and should be an investment destination for business.” Read more. Source | Business Daily