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Uganda: Various instruments to eliminate trade barriers

Published on August 10, 2015

Joint efforts by EAC leaders have successfully put in place various instruments to eliminate trade barriers, increase economic prosperity and realize the dream of an East African Political Federation.

Collective efforts, including contacts at the highest levels, have accelerated consolidation of friendly relations and growth in trade and commercial interaction.

Uhuru challenged bureaucrats to formulate policies that facilitate integration rather than hinder East Africans from doing business and communicating with each other. Kenya and Uganda were chatting our bilateral way forward when bureaucrats started telling us about legal aspects as concerns movement of certain goods and services. I reminded them that if you go across to Busia or Namanga on the border with Tanzania, these people don’t recognize what you are doing in Nairobi and Kampala, they are moving and doing business freely. Kenya should be moving towards governments that facilitate their people to do what is naturally theirs. Read more. Source |