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Ugandan Companies Look to Close Trade Deals at Upcoming U.S. Trade Show

Published on January 24, 2017


The Hub is supporting more than fifty East African businesses to exhibit at the largest apparel-focused trade show in the U.S., Sourcing at MAGIC. The goals: Promote the "Africa Advantage" (see flyer below) and help East African exporters build business linkages and close trade deals with U.S. and international buyers.   

Spotlight on Uganda. Participating businesses: Southern Range Nyanza Limited, Fine Spinners and Syliva Owori of Sylvie Boutique.

Southern Range Nyanza Limited (SRNL) is a vertically integrated textile and apparel company based in Jinja, Uganda. For decades, SRNL has been a part of the everyday life of millions of Ugandans. Its fabrics, uniforms, bed sheets and T-shirts touch not just the skin but the hearts of many. 

With over 1,400 workers managing state-of-the-art technologies, SRNL operates with meticulous efficiency, enabling its products to meet regional and international standards. SRNL has exported to regional markets in East and Central Africa and international markets in Europe, with average annual sales of 10 million USD.

The shrinking marketplace, constantly changing business environment and the ever-changing needs of the customer, have redefined the way SRNL does business. This year, SRNL has its eyes set on the U.S. market where it seek to access and sell its high quality products through the MAGIC trade show.

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