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Uganda’s ambitious infrastructure plan set to boost economy

Published on July 09, 2015

A ten-year, multibillion-dollar plan to upgrade Uganda’s transportation network and power generation is poised to benefit the East African nation’s citizens and those of neighboring countries, IMF economists said.

In their regular review of the Ugandan economy, IMF staff said that the planned infrastructure overhaul—an $11 billion program over the next ten years through public investment and public-private-partnership arrangements—will have positive spillovers on agro-processing, manufacturing, and trade.

Upgrading the transportation network and electricity generating capacity is now Uganda’s top economic priority. Over three fourths of Ugandans live in rural areas with most involved in agriculture, and only 14 percent of households use electricity. A comprehensive road network and widespread access to electricity will connect farmers to trading centers, add value to production, and improve the population’s welfare. Read more. Source |IMF Survey