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Aloesha Organic Natural Health Products Ltd

Aloesha.jpgAloesha Organic Natural Aloesha Organic Natural Health Products Ltd  is a manufacturer and supplier of standardized organic food supplement, herbal extracts, phytochemicals, cosmetic herbal healthcare products and spices. 

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Amagara  is a word borrowed from African dialect to mean life.The company believes their natural skin care range should breathe new lives into their client’s skin. The company’s products are enriched with 100% natural extracts from fruits, vegetables and other plant materials sourced from Ugandan farmers. The company strives to provide the highest quality in every aspect of their brand, products and customer service. 

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Arapapa by Santa Anzo is Uganda's Premium Fashion brand. Officially launched in 2001, ARAPAPA by Santa Anzo is today internationally recognized as a leading African fashion brand.

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Awaka Uganda Ltd

Awaka Uganda Ltd was incorporated in April 2004 and opened its doors to great acclaim and excitement in September 2004. The company’s vision is to bring their concept across East Africa and be the number one choice for furniture.

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Black Creations Collection

BC.jpgBlack Creations Collection is a subsidiary of Black Creations International Ltd. Black Creations portrays the uniqueness of the rich cultural posture of the African creative arts in designs and apparel.

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Catherine & Sons

Catherine & Sons is clothing production company located in Kampala, Uganda. Catherine & Sons create sustainable jobs, based on local skills, supply chains and make sure that their garments are produced under conditions and materials that meet international ethical standards.

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Chanzo Coffee


Chanzo Coffee Limited currently offers green unroasted coffee, roasted branded coffee and roasted private label coffee. Chanzo Coffee Limited works with partner actors across the value chains. From the hand picking of cherries, handling of parchment all the way to the roasting Chanzo Coffee is handled with the best care to ensure production of the highest quality.

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ChiaOrganic Farmers Network Limited


ChiaOrganic Farmers Network Limited is a public-private partnership between Godson Export Commodities Limited and interested rural farmer households in the East Africa region. The Mission of ChiaOrganic is to improve peasant farmer’s livelihoods in East Africa by producing Organic Chia seeds and other viable Super food crops for both Local and international Markets. ChiaOrganic currently has 186 registered and certified organic chia seed farmers

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Coalition of Women Economic Empowerment Beyond Boundaries

Coalition of Women Economic Empowerment Beyond Boundaries (COWEB) is an association of women producer groups engaged in informal cross border trade. COWEB’s art and crafts strategic plan is geared at creating community driven social enterprises that design, produce and export a distinctive line of hand woven home décor items, fashion accessories thus creating economic opportunities for skilled Ugandan women to inspires positive change.

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Chrisams Designs Ltd

Chrisams Designs Ltd manufactures garments and conducts training on entrepreneurship and business tailoring.

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