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Uganda.gifThe Hub's accomplishments in Uganda to Date:  

  • To date the Hub has supported 116 firms and associations to increase their export competitiveness
  • 17 firms have been supported to participate in various trade shows resulting in 54 business linkages
  • Hub facilitated AGOA exports as at June 30 2017 stood at $346,171
  • Exports to other market destinations as a result of Hub support are $20,200
  • Due to the expanding export opportunities, 378 new full time equivalent (FTE) jobs have been created, 96% of which are for women
  • Facilitated $5,798,280 new private sector investments
  • Supported 1 firm to attain international export certification standards

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Agriculture insurance grows to Shs4.5 billion

Published on June 13, 2018
The Agriculture Insurance Scheme has grown to Shs4.5b in terms of premiums, with actual utilisation from the government programmes standing at Shs1.5b, according to the Agro Consortium, which brings together 10 local insurers. Speaking at the National Agriculture and Food Security Forum in Kampala yesterday, Ms Joan Nyangoma, of the Agro Consortium, said over the past two years, the scheme has been able to reach 50,000 farmers across the country. Read more. Source | Daily Monitor
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Uganda establishes $2.4 million tea factories to increase exports

Published on June 13, 2018
The Government of Uganda has catalyzed its efforts to promote the value addition of tea bu setting up two tea factories at a total worth of $2.4 million. Tea is one of Uganda’s most precious commodities that has helped the government earn revenue from its exports. As a means of steering the agricultural sector, the factories are meant to increase foreign exchange earnings from the green leaf. Read more. Source | The Exchange
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EAC tea consumption to increase in the next decade

Published on June 05, 2018
East African countries could lead the world in growth in consumption of tea during the next decade, even as they occupy top positions in exports of the commodity. Estimates by the Food and Agricultural Organisation show that Rwanda will lead in growth at nine per cent followed by Uganda at five per cent and Kenya at 4.4 per cent. Read more. Source | East African
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Uganda’s Coffee Bill to build sustainable coffee industry

Published on May 30, 2018
Uganda is set to roll out a new Coffee Bill that will create an ecosystem for a better and sustainable coffee industry in the country. The proposed bill is forecast to be the first stepping stone to transform the industry and ensure the nation remains competitive in the international market as well. Coffee is the country’s main export as per the agriculture sector, and has performed graciously over the years. The future of the commodity has raised eyebrows with the performance not convincing to the market key players as farmers feel more can and should be done to protect their rights and help them boost their yields. The quality of the produce has been the main concern over the commodity, with the international market demanding speciality in the sector. Read more. Source | The Exchange
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Ugandans, Kenyans lead in tech initiative to fight armyworm

Published on May 30, 2018
Feed the Future, part of USAID has announced that 228 applications were received, mostly from Africa, for the global Fall Armyworm Tech Prize. The Prize aims to find digital solutions to identify, track and protect crops from the pest, which has devastated agricultural produce across the continent. Over 80% of the entries came from Africa with the five countries with the highest number of entries being Uganda 52, Nigeria 25, USA 23, Ghana 22 and Kenya 21. Read more. Source | The Exchange
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US envoy on a mission to market Uganda’s Specialty Coffee

Published on April 26, 2018
US ambassador to Uganda Deborah R. Malac is leading a reverse trade mission to the Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle that starts on Friday.This is part of the US government’s ongoing commitment to building trade and investment opportunities in Uganda. Ms Malac, jointly with the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) and the USAID East Africa Trade & Investment Hub, will be joined by Uganda’s Ambassador to the US, Mr Mull Katende and more than 20 Ugandan coffee entrepreneurs in the campaign. Read more. Source | Daily Monitor
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Uganda exports gain under EA single customs territory

Published on March 28, 2018
Clearing exports to various destinations will now take less time as Uganda begins using the East Africa Single Customs Territory.The system was officially rolled out earlier last week for the export of commodities via Mombasa Port. This is one of the stages towards the full attainment of the Customs Union that will eliminate tariffs and other restrictions as well as minimize internal border controls on goods moving among partner states. Read more. Source | The Citizen
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Govt asked to uphold public private partnership terms

Published on March 27, 2018
Financial analysts have implored government to uphold terms stipulated in contracts signed during public private partnerships. Speaking in Kampala at the weekend, the assistant director of investment management at Bank of Uganda, Mr Alan Lwetaba, said the public must understand the approaches to alternative funding of public projects before committing to them.  Much as PPPs are an alternative to debt, Mr Lwetaba advises that prior to joining an agreement; government should be coherent of its responsibilities and ensure to uphold them to avoid consequences. Read more. Source | Daily Monitor
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