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U.S. Chamber releases new report on trade facilitation in East Africa

Published on October 19, 2016

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce U.S.-Africa Business Center released a new report today on trade facilitation in East Africa, outlining the work governments in the region have undertaken to improve infrastructure and address economic challenges, and offering recommendations to address and overcome remaining trade barriers.

In the past decade, East Africa’s growth has outpaced the rest of the continent. Regional integration has aided in boosting trade within the region and improved East Africa’s access to global markets. Though some barriers to trade remain, several large-scale infrastructure projects currently underway hold promise for improved trade relationships and economic productivity for East Africa.

“East Africa is a vibrant, fast-growing region of the world with a great deal of untapped potential,” said Scott Eisner, president of the U.S.-Africa Business Center and vice president of African Affairs for the U.S. Chamber. Read more. Source | U.S Chamber of Commerce