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Thlokomelo Designs

Published on November 13, 2015

AGOA013.JPGPaulina Mokhothu Founder Thlokomelo Designs 

Thlokomelo Designs is a newly established manufacturer of up-market leather and fabric product targeting the trendy but Africana-oriented clientele. Thlokomelo Designs represents quality, versatility, durability, and uniqueness, with individually handcrafted products. Our product lines enjoy a careful blend of locally sourced leather and other materials with current fashion trends, to result in products that reflect the rich African culture at its best. Specialized techniques are applied in the production process to combine the use of leather together with locally crafted beads, bones, horns, and shells and bring out that "Wao Africa"factor. The wide range of products ensures that everyone is catered for, for all occasions- office; workshops; weddings; evenings; etc.