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The Vault: Connecting East African SMEs to investors at CCA's U.S.-Africa Business Summit

Published on February 04, 2016

The Hub recently participated at the Corporate Council for Africa's 10th biennial U.S. Africa Business Summit. The Hub organized a special session dubbed 'The Vault,' where investors met one-on-one with entrepreneurs seeking investment.

The Hub selected and coached five businesses from East Africa on how to pitch to investors. They joined entrepreneurs from across Africa to enter a series of "speed dating sessions" with investors. The five Hub-supported businesses were: 1.) Ms Aprelle Duany, founder of luxury brand AprelleDuany from Kenya, 2.) Mr Marcos Brandalise, managing director of BrazAfric from Kenya, 3.) Ms Agnes Atim Apea, managing director of Hope Development Initiatives from Uganda, 4.) Ms Victoria Kisyombe, founder of SERO Leasing and Finance from Tanzania and 5.) Avi Manes of Nazareth Garment from Ethiopia.

"The investors had very interesting questions. You had to have your facts and your numbers at your finger tips. I managed to secure an appointment with Vital Capital next week in Kampala for further discussions." - Ms Agnes Atim Apea, MD Hope International Initiatives.

"The Hub, in conjunction with CCA at the US-Africa Summit are very excited to host the vault session. This is a session where investment ready companies from across the region are able to access financial investors and discuss their capital needs and obtain immediate feedback. This is our way of solving the information assymmetry gap which prevents SMEs from knowing what sources of capital exist and what their overall financing options are." - Ms Kanini Mutooni, Investment Director at the Hub.

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