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Video: Field Report - Women in agriculture, East Africa

Published on February 16, 2016

The Hub recently had a conversation with Dr. Agnes Apea, founder and CEO of Hope Development Initiative, which works with 10,000 women farmers in Uganda, and Dr. Victoria Kisyombe, founder and CEO of SERO Leasing and Finance (SELFINA) in Tanzania, to learn more about what they are doing to ensure women gain more value from their hard work in agriculture.

Women provide much of the labor for agricultural production in Africa. According to a FAO report, aggregate data shows that women comprise about 43 percent of the agricultural labour force globally, and in developing countries. The figure is considerably higher in the East African region - up to 80 percent according to Dr. Apea (see video). Despite providing most of the labor, women earn the least, about 2 percent according to Dr. Apea. This is partly because women tend to operate at the low end of the value chain, farming not processing. It's also because women rarely own the productive assets, such as the land they cultivate.