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The Hub expands investment ties in Mauritius

Published on September 21, 2016


On September 21 and 22, the Hub’s Investment Director, Ms. Kanini Mutooni, participated in the Africa Partnership Conference, a two-day event to promote innovative tools and solutions for attracting and retaining high-quality foreign direct investment. The Board of Investment Mauritius and World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies hosted the event. Ms. Mutooni participated in a panel discussion titled Mauritius-Africa Partnership – Growth through Collaboration and moderated a panel discussion on Engineering the Future of Africa.

On September 21, the Hub signed a memorandum of understanding with the Board of Investment Mauritius. Though this partnership the Hub will support Board of Investment Mauritius to select investment promotion activities aimed at attracting investment into Mauritius.

“Board of Investment Mauritius looks to build on expertise and capability of the Hub in East Africa to conduct workshops and conferences to promote outward investment from Mauritius into East Africa,” said Vinay Guddye Head of Department Outward Investment at the Board of Investment, Mauritius.


Board of Investment Mauritius will pre-assess and share investment-ready projects with the Hub for further evaluation. The projects will be within Mauritius and specific to the Hub’s focus sectors.

The Hub will also build the capacity of Board of Investment Mauritius and its partners to understand and take advantage of the African Growth Opportunity Act.