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Video: Buy From the Source -- Ethiopian Coffee

Published on May 11, 2017

Lem_demo_coffee_cup.jpgThe Hub recently partnered with the African Fine Coffee Association (AFCA) to spur inclusive economic growth in eastern Africa by increasing the value of specialty coffee exported to the U.S. The goal: increase exports by 5% by the end of a 14-month grant. To do so, the Hub is working with AFCA to improve market engagement and buyer/seller relationships between eastern Africa producers and U.S. buyers. The above video helps. In it, all-star U.S. baristas (meaning, they now how to make an incredible cup of coffee and have been given awards for doing so) speak about their love of Ethiopian coffee and the popularity of Ethiopian coffee in U.S. coffee shops. 

“The grant from the Hub will go a long way towards growing our member’s businesses by facilitating linkages with buyers. The grant will also provide an important opportunity to raise the profiles of African Coffees in the world and therefore stimulate increased global demand for the coffees from this diverse origin,” said African Fine Coffees Association Program Manager, Martin Maraka. 

Specific grant deliverables include:

1. Utilizing AFCA's African Taste of Harvest regional cupping competition to train regional coffee experts and invite buyers to analyze the quality and desirability of regional coffees

2. Organizing specialty coffee export promotion missions to the U.S.

3. Organizing origin field visits for participating traders

AFCA is implementing the grant in collaboration with the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters' Association, Kenya Coffee Directorate, Rwanda National Agricultural Exports Development Board, Tanzania Coffee Board, Uganda Coffee Development Authority, the Specialty Coffee Association of America and Coffee Quality Institute.