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"Origin Trip to Kenya" - U.S. specialty coffee buyers meet the producers

Published on December 01, 2016

On November 28, the Hub collaborated with the Kenyan Coffee Directorate to host a Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) delegation of international coffee buyers and roasters for a working breakfast to kick off their "Origin Trip to Kenya," a six-day coffee mission. The mission included a tour of Kenya’s coffee growing regions, processing plants and the Nairobi Coffee Exchange. The breakfast provided international visitors with an overview of the Kenyan coffee industry and included a discussion with Kenyan coffee sector stakeholders on how to promote Kenyan coffee during the April 2017 SCAA expo, where Kenya will be featured as a "portrait country". Twelve U.S. buyers, 15 non-U.S. buyers, and 3 SCAA secretariat staff comprised the SCAA delegation. 

The mission enabled international coffee buyers and roasters to view first hand how Kenyan farmers grow and process their coffee and to form relationships with the people from whom they source.

Kenya was awarded the 2017 Official Portrait Country Sponsorship for the SCAA event, scheduled for April 20-23, 2017 in Seattle, Washington. The event will give Kenya coffees farmers an opportunity to place promotional material in the official media kit, the official SCAA exposition guide, and the event daily newspaper. Kenyan coffee farmers will also have exclusive use of the lecture rooms. The overall event will give Kenyan coffee producers exposure to over 5,000 U.S. and internationall buyers.

Click below for an overview of the mission launch and to meet some of the U.S. buyers.