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The Hub Holds Practical Workshop for Home Décor and Fashion Accessories Producers

Published on April 13, 2017

On April 12, the Hub held a one-day practical workshop for home décor and fashion accessories producers interested in exporting to the United States. Participants gained detailed information and tips on U.S. market trends; identifying customers and meeting their needs; gaining market access; finding distributors and buyers; and costing and pricing their goods. They also learned how to make use of AGOA duty-free benefits and how to tackle export logistics. The 40 participants departed with a manual that outlines product design and production; costing and pricing; understanding U.S. standards and compliance; and understanding U.S. distribution and exports under AGOA. 

“Today’s training was a real eye opener especially in marketing our products in the U.S under AGOA. I learnt about the standards and regulations we need to meet to enable us export our products, product development, costing and pricing,” said Elizabeth Nzilani of Machakos Cooperative Union

The training was very informative and detailed. It answered all the questions I had about AGOA and export-related activities,” said Nicholas Angwenyi of Tomhogany.

“The session was amazing just when you think you are implementing the best systems you learn something new that enhances your capacity in terms of operations and production,” said Jennifer Muli of Katchy Collection

Download the East African SME Export Training Presentation here 


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