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Video - Eleleck House of Simplicity: Growing SMEs through access to quality resources

Published on January 12, 2017

Part of the Hub's mission is facilitating $100 Million in new private sector investments and creating 10,000 jobs by 2019. The leather sector in Kenya holds great potential for job creation being a labor intensive industry. As such, the Hub is working to enhance this sector through various public and private sector initiatives. One of these is a joint initiative between the Hub and Alpharama Limited, the largest leather producer in Kenya, to increase access to high-quality leather for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Eleleck House of Simplicity is one of the beneficiaries of this initiative. The company manufactures fashionable leather bags and accessories. Njoki Chege, the founder of Eleleck, says the connection to Alpharama has been a game changer. Watch the video below to hear how Eleleck is now able to obtain high-quality leather at affordable prices, which in turn has led to increase in sales.