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The Hub facilitates progress on EAC-US Cooperation Agreement

Published on July 03, 2015

The East Africa Trade and Investment Hub gathered East African Community (EAC) experts in Nairobi from June 29 - July 1, 2015 to develop work plans for activities under the U.S.-EAC Cooperation Agreement.

The US-EAC Cooperation Agreement was signed on February 26, 2015 to facilitate critical customs reforms, harmonize standards, and undertake multilateral commitments that support greater EAC regional economic integration. These reforms will strengthen EAC's trade relationship with the United States and other global partners, which will, in turn, increase exports, expand investment and help support job creation and economic growth.

EAC_IMAGE.jpg“Following the conclusion of the EAC experts meeting, the experts now have the opportunity to focus on the refinement of the proposals - getting into more specifics and holding country consultations to get consensus on each partner states priority areas,” said Alfred K'Ombudo, Hub’s Deputy Trade Policy and Regulatory Reform Director. 

Work plans cover the implementation of the Bali and TBT issues and EAC’s SPS agreements and are expected to be the focus of the US-EAC discussions in August.

“Issues relating to implementing the work plans are vast, and the Hub will endeavor to provide pass-on opportunities to other development partners in this space,” said Alfred K'Ombudo 

The Hub's Deputy Trade Policy and Regulatory Reform Director added that the Hub looks forward to working with the private sector to strengthen its capacity and further contribute to the success of the U.S.-EAC Cooperation Agreement.