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Trade, poverty reduction and protecting the environment go hand in hand, says UNCTAD Deputy Secretary-General

Published on April 30, 2015

Participating in a high-level panel on the global environment and trade, UNCTAD Deputy-Secretary General Joakim Reiter highlighted that 20 years after the creation of the WTO, fears about trade taking precedence over environmental sustainability have been proved unfounded.

Time has shown that multilateral cooperation has been successful in avoiding such conflicts, he said. However, some environmental concerns linked to trade and economic growth remain, Mr. Reiter said.

The international community is increasingly aware of this and has been looking into managing the interaction between trade and environment legal regimes through greater mutual supportiveness and synergies. Nonetheless such coherence is not the same as helping countries implement such hard or soft laws and benefit from them with scaled up assistance. Environmental protection and poverty alleviation through trade must go hand in hand. Read more. Source | UNACTAD