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Tanzania AGOA Export Directory

Mikono Cultural Heritage Limited

Mikono_Cultural_Heritage_(2).JPGMikono Cultural Heritage Limited is an active player in the business of marketing and exporting of traditional cultural and handicraft products.

Daria Designs

Daria_Design.jpgDaria Designs manufacturers’ custom made and ready to wear garments for women, men and children.


Twitter: @dariamakaramba

Cultural Crafts Consultants & Design Company Limited

Fuhiamen_Kishimbo__Cultural_Crafts_Consultants___Design_Company_Limited.jpgCultural Crafts Consultants & Design Company Limited (CRACODE) is a Tanzanian based professional company dealing with the design, production and distribution of cultural crafts and services including development of related soft skills.


Lukeisa Enterprises


Lukeisa Enterprises was started in January 2012 and is privately owned by Mrs. Mariammagdalena.

Kibby General Supply


Kibby General Supply is involved in the production and marketing of baobab product and spices such as baobab oil, baobab leaf and baobab powder.


Twitter: @JapharyKibibi.

Skype: kibiby Baobab

Vikapu Bomba


Vikapu Bomba (VB) is a social enterprise working with previously unemployed rural women artisans who produces hand-woven fashion and home décor articles in the communities of Iringa-Tanzania. VB products are made from a local reed grass called Milulu that grows along streams in the southern highlands of Tanzania. For generations weaving had been traditionally practiced but was abandoned by many due to lack of opportunities and market. VB believes that apart from being fair, trade should also be transparent and personal. That’s why each of our products comes with a label featuring each producer’s portrait and short story of the woman artisan who produced the product to keep each product fully traceable.

Twitter handle: @Vikapubomba

Instagram: @vikapubomba


Kwanza Collection Co. Ltd

Kwanza.jpgKwanza Collection Co. Ltd, as an active Fair Trade member and promoter of the social business model, Kwanza Collection Co. Ltd directly supports Tanzanian SMEs through the retail of a diverse range of qualitative handmade products. Majority of their producer groups are constituted by women, with the purpose of enhancing women’s chances within the labor market. Kwanza Collection Co. Ltd operates in the national as well as international market and envisage the continuous renewal of an array of products.


Marvelous Flotea


Marvelous Flotea is an innovative company merging the textile industry with the beauty sector as well as food processing activities. A key aim is the creation of employment for women and youth.

As Marvelous progresses in its vision of becoming a most reliable producer of quality creative art in the areas of beauty textile and healthy food, we thank all of our customers for their support so far – without which this project could not have been a success for Tanzanian women.