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Talking AGOA with USTR's Witney Schneidman

Published on March 09, 2015
AGOA is set to expire on 30 September 2015 this year. Even though there are signs that AGOA should ultimately be extended, some concerns have been raised about the delayed renewal process, which could undermine certain exports and investments especially in the apparel sector. Can you explain why the extension has not occurred yet?
[Witney Schneidman] We are trying to get the scheme extended as we speak. I think we’re hopeful to get the extension in late March, or in early April, so hopefully  there will be no delay. 
Due to the United States Congress elections in November 2014, we had to wait until January for the new Congress to work on the extension and right now they are trying to resolve some issues that revolve around American exports of poultry to South Africa which are currently at the heart of the on-going discussions. (See Bridges Africa, 24 February 2015) Read more. Source | International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development