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Taking stock of financial and digital inclusion in sub-Saharan Africa

Published on September 07, 2015

Expanding formal financial services—including traditional services (offered by banks) and digital services (provided via mobile money systems)—to individuals previously excluded from their access can improve their capacity to save, make payments swiftly and securely, and cope with economic shocks. Importantly, having access to financial services is also considered a critical component of women’s full economic participation and empowerment. Many countries, therefore, are working to increase accessibility to and usage of formal financial services as important strategies to improving individuals’ financial stability and, at a macro-level, supporting inclusive development and growth.

In sub-Saharan Africa, where the provision and uptake of traditional financial services is limited due to a wide range of factors (including poverty, lack of savings, and poor infrastructure, among others), a number of governments are working to promote digital financial service offerings by creating an enabling environment for various entities (including bank and non-bank formal providers) to offer them. Read more. Source | Brookings