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Structural transformation should underpin Africa’s priorities – ECA Chief

Published on September 25, 2015

As the curtains close on the Millennium Development Goals, Mr. Carlos Lopes has stressed that the intense participation of Africa in defining the new sustainable development agenda paves the way for governments to make critical structural changes in response to socio-economic inequality. Speaking at the ECA ahead of the UN General Assembly this September, Mr. Lopes stated that the new Sustainable Development Agenda must take on board Africa’s development goals and priorities, in particular, the need for innovative ways to finance our future.

“The financing imperatives for a sustainable future are immense; and a policy paradigm, centred on among others, Africa’s trillions of dollars in savings is the way forward,” he emphasized.

The landmark UN General Assembly is seen as a watershed moment that ushers in a new sustainable development agenda. Mr. Lopes will participate at several high-level events aimed at consolidating the critical issues underpinning the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Read more. Source | United Nations Economic Commission for Africa