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SPS Capacity Building Manuals for EAC Partner States

Published on May 24, 2018

SPS_Manual_intro.JPGSanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Capacity Building Manuals for East Africa Community (EAC) Partner States are publications by the USAID East Africa Trade and Investment Hub. Recognizing the importance of SPS measures in regional and international trade, EAC partner states developed and signed the EAC SPS Protocol which provides a legal basis for resolving the SPS-related constraints to intraregional trade. To identify the SPS capacity needs, priority activities were formulated through stakeholder engagements at both national and regional levels. Among these activities were separate trainings for plant health, animal health, and food and feed safety.

The highlight of the trainings was the review of SPS official controls which include the legal, regulatory and institutional arrangements for the assessment and management of risks and for inspection and other procedures to determine compliance with the measures. As a result, the USAID Hub developed six manuals that explain what official controls are, the organization that competently applies, supervises or verifies these controls, the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, international standards and East African Community (EAC) instruments for such controls. The manuals are as below:

  1. Risk assessment training manuals
  2. Laboratory training manual in Business Planning
  3. Manual for training on the development of national residue monitoring and control plans
  4. Animal health official controls training manual
  5. Food and feed safety official controls training manual
  6. Plant health official controls training manual