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SITA to augment pulses sector in Kenya

Published on July 10, 2015

‘Having worked actively on the South-South cooperation, where India is a champion, it’s good to hear of SITA initiative, Supporting Indian Trade and Investment for Africa. At this particular time, when the world is hearing about BRICS, I think it is good that India looks to Africa and the East African region,’ said Mr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, former Vice-President (2008-2013), Kenya. 

Mr. Musyoka was talking on the sidelines of SITA’s first stakeholders’ consultation meeting on Value Chain Road Map for Pulses in Kenya. 
‘I believe that the time for Africa is now because if we don’t grow the African economies we are going to see a reversal of everything,’ reiterated Mr. Musyoka.
‘This area of trade and export, commodity trade in particular is a key area where Kenya and India can cooperate and Pulses is a potential sector. Particularly, green malt, or green gram as we call it. SITA could facilitate meaningful interventions to help our farmers improve productivity and enhance incomes. Read more. Source | International Trade Centre