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Farmers and pastoralists gain from USAID Hub-supported investment closure

Published on December 19, 2017

The USAID Hub recently closed a deal with a livestock and veterinary services company in Kenya. The company, Sidai Africa, works with farmers and pastoralists to improve the quality and access of inputs for increased productivity, security and profitability of livestock and crops. The company raised approximately $450,000 in a blended finance deal with debt from a commercial investor and grant from the International Livestock Research Institute under the Feed the Future Accelerated Value Chain Project. The company will use these funds to expand its retail network, grow sales and expand its portfolio of Sidai-branded products. 

The Hub supported Sidai to develop financial projections and prepare for the due diligence process. The Hub also introduced Sidai to impact investors in the region, resulting in the closure of the blended finance deal. 
"Sidai is a fantastic example of a scalable solution helping to achieve Farm Africa's vision of a prosperous rural Africa. By putting a clear social mission at the heart of the organisation we are able to deliver quality crop and livestock products to communities who need them the most in an economically sustainable way. The new funding will enable Sidai to expand and help even more farmers access these valuable services," said Farm Africa's interim Chief Executive Natasha Clayton.