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Should investors put their money in Kenya? We speak to KenInvest boss

Published on October 26, 2015

The Kenya Investment Authority (KenInvest) is an agency mandated with promoting investments in Kenya. Dinfin Mulupi caught up with Dr Moses Ikiara, managing director of KenInvest, to discuss investor protection, corruption and perceptions of Kenya as an investment destination.

Let’s talk investor protection and the justice system. We have seen the government fail to honour court rulings in the past. Can investors rely on Kenya’s judiciary if they find themselves in dispute with other parties?  

I would say our justice system is one of the best in the region. It may take time before they resolve an issue, but the wheels of justice eventually grind. Although it is still not where I would like it to be, our judicial system has evolved [and] it is strengthening. There is more budgetary allocation to the judiciary and they have hired more judges, and in fact all judges were publicly vetted. I am very confident that you can get justice here. Investments made here are safe. We have a strong democracy. Read more. Source | How we made it in Africa