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Save the date: MAGIC, August 13–16, Las Vegas, Nevada U.S.A.

Published on August 09, 2017

From August 13 -16, the Hub will sponsor eastern Africa companies to exhibit at MAGIC one of the largest U.S. clothing and accessories trade show. The eastern African countries are looking to meet with buyers and expand their market in the U.S. This activity will contribute to the Hubs efforts in creating trade linkages in the apparel and footwear sectors and addressing firm level challenges in meeting buyer demands. It will also contribute to the Hub’s objective of facilitating a 40 percent increase in exports from the East Africa region to the US under AGOA.

Look for the Hub and the world-class East African vendors it supports at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Booth no: 61209-61211, 61304-61312 at Sourcing @ Magic, in North Hall -  for apparel and fashion accessories,

Booth no: 91612  at  Footwear Sourcing @ Magic, South Hall -  for shoes and sandals

Check out the video below for footwear sourcing opportunities in Ethiopia