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Savannah Design Studio

Published on November 14, 2015

AGOA124.JPGSandeep Thethy Director Savannah Design Studio.

Savannah Design Studio is a design led product that draws on a myriad of cultural influences across Africa. The company delivers eco –chic contemporary home decor and soft furnishings combining stunning African recycled metal and eco - chic beadwork and other locally sourced artisanal decorative detailing, with luxurious, high quality, durable contract quality fabric, sourced primarily from within the East African region.

As part of the growth plan and taking advantage of our well secured value supply chain they have now extended their product line into developing high end leather, beaded footwear and a select range of jewelry, once again embracing the extraordinary skills of local Kenyan artisans.

Facebook page: Taste Safari

Twitter handle:@design_savannah