Rwanda AGOA Export Directory

Abahizi Dushyigikirane LTD

Abahizi Dushyigikirane LTD (ADC) is a Rwandan-owned company that manufactures luxury handbags and jewelry for export to the USA, UK and Asia. ADC’s social business model allows them to have a great contribution in the local community development while producing and exporting high-quality accessories. ADC is based in Masoro – Rulindo and has 162 artisans trained in production. ADC’s main client is Kate Spade & Company  (New York) who is helping them meet global business standards to perform well and compete with other suppliers from Asia.


Angaza sheds light on new concepts and innovative creations and engages with local communities to be at the forefront of environmental solutions in Rwanda. Angaza transforms Kigali's non-biodegradable waste, like vinyl advertising banners and jute rice bags, into one-of-a-kind accessories, such as purses and wallets. Each of Angaza’s products is lined with a fabric called Kitenge in East Africa or Ankara in West Africa. Kitenge tells the story of Angaza.

Twitter: @Angazaltd


Api Business Development Company

Api Business Development Company was established in June 2011. The Company’s vision is to be the leading trader of high-end natural bee products (honey & bee by products). The company also aims to be a leader in natural honey processing 

Azizi Life

Azizi Life celebrates the beauty of connections: Connections that bring a fair wage to hard-working Rwandan artisans, connections that give you a glimpse into someone else's world and connections that put beautiful and functional art at your fingertips. Azizi Life provides people with the opportunity to meet and get to know Rwanda’s amazing artists and communities.


Twitter handle: @Azizi_Life

Facebook name: Azizi Life

Dokmai Rwanda

Dokmai Rwanda is a private limited company based in Kigali, Rwanda which produces women’s and men’s fashion products, like handbags, laptop bags, satchels, belts, evening clutches, purses and cosmetic bags. The fashion products are made of genuine leather or from leather blended with cotton fabric (kitenge, wax) of high quality appropriate for everyday use and also for special occasions


Twitter: @dokmairwanda


Freshpack exports fruits and vegetables to the European market. Freshpack ensures the produce arrives to their clients in Europe fresh. 

Freshpack’s fruits and vegetables are selected and classified according to their size, texture, and type of produce. This classification process is done by hand, guaranteeing greater reliability and quality in selection. The fruits and vegetables are packaged in boxes of 2 to 20 kilograms, depending on characteristics.


Twitter handle: @Freshpackrwanda

Gahaya Links Limited

Gahaya Links Limited is a for-profit Rwandan handicraft company based on the simple principle of women economic empowerment through fair trade. Gahaya Links’ success is based on traditional weaving techniques to empower the women of Rwanda and the country’s socioeconomic development.

Gahaya Links is the first Rwandan handicraft export company to benefit from the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which enabled the company to penetrate the US market with Fairwinds Trading Inc. and Macy’s partnerships. The company is now the leading exporter of Rwanda’s one-of-a- kind baskets through its Path to Peace program. The Macy’s relationship is the cornerstone of Gahaya Links’ success.


Facebook: Gahaya Links

Glo Creations

Glo Creations is a textile design company that creates quality patterns for garments and home textile. Their work is to design and print on textile products with hand techniques. Their mission is to promote textile design through innovation, quality and design. Glo creations vision is to be the leading textile design expert in Rwanda.

Facebook: Glo creations


Haute|Baso is a social enterprise company that uses fashion and interior design as a vehicle for positive change. The brand was born based on the idea that “two heads are better than one.” The founders are two young female Rwandan designers who hold a common belief in the strength of their country’s unique aesthetic.

Haute|Baso designs luggage, jewelry, apparel and interior décor pieces by mixing materials, such as leather, African print fabric, cotton and raffia. The majority of its fabric and raw material are sourced from Rwanda.

Haute|Baso draws its inspiration from Rwanda’s dynamic and culturally vibrant history while adding a modern touch. The designs merge different skill sets and creative processes to produce unique and marketable pieces.


Twitter: @hautebaso


Inzuki is a dynamic young Rwandan brand specializing in jewelry, accessories and interior décor, all hand-made and primarily from local materials.  All products are Rwandan made, African inspired and globally loved.

Inzuki’s products are a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary style. Our design philosophy seeks to transcend traditional Rwandan design and customize it to suit modern needs. Inzuki works with numerous local artisans that use their skills to translate our authentic designs into vibrant quality pieces.

Inzuki is part of a wider Rwandan cultural renaissance. The company is greatly inspired by the growing innovation scene in the country and by the increasing number of young entrepreneurs and trendsetters that are propelling Rwanda to the next level.


Twitter handle: @InzukiDesigns

Facebook: Inzuki Designs