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Regional MPs happy with one-stop border

Published on December 02, 2015

According a report by a committee set up by the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), where the facilities are already running, there is free movement of persons and a faster flow of trade between the respective states. The report was adopted by the House during their sitting in Kigali last week.

The regional legislators are now calling for the fast-tracking of all remaining works of the OSBPs to allow its implementation for further integration.

During debate, at one stage Shyrose Bhanji said she was concerned with the slow implementation of the decisions of the House and these were being overlooked.

“I had hoped to hear there is 100% implementation of the OSBPs.  The reasons given for the delay are not good.  Where is the problem Honourable Speaker? The process of getting the Bill has been costly. It is important that it is effected,” she said.

It was agreed that it is key for the assent of the OSBP Bill, 2013, in the Partner States to be finalized to give it legal effect in the entire region. Read more. Source | East African Business Week