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Reflecting on the first anniversary of the U.S.-Africa leaders summit

Published on August 04, 2015

Tomorrow, August 4 is the first anniversary of the inaugural U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, in which President Obama hosted over 50 African heads of state to discuss trade and investment, security, and good governance, among other pressing issues. New initiatives and large commitments from both the U.S. and African public and private sectors were announced during the summit, including over $6 billion in new private sector commitments to the Power Africa program.

However, more than launching any specific new initiative, the Africa Leaders Summit was credited with changing the tone of U.S.-African relations. During an event at Brookings directly after the summit, President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya described this shift: “I think for the very first time, we're trying to crystallize this partnership in a form not of dependence, not of Africa coming to your doorstep with our problems, with our demands, with our sorrows and our woes, but Africa coming to the table offering a hand of partnership, opportunity and new found hope.” Read more. Source | Brookings