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Preparing Africa for the next Trade negotiation

Published on September 30, 2015

The deadlock in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) so called Doha Development Round negotiations remains firmly in place.  Negotiators seem unable to meet deadline after deadline for delivering on many of the Round promises. Last year in the meeting that was held in Bali, Indonesia, there were some baby steps that were painted as a breakthrough. That optimism has evaporated since.

If development is at the heart of the Doha Round, agreement on agriculture contentious issues provide the legs on which the Round will stand or fall.  Achieving concrete results in agriculture is critical not only to fulfil the Doha mandate and unlock this main “gateway issue”, but more fundamentally because the development of African economies cannot overlook a sector which employs two thirds of its labour force, and plays a pivotal role for food security and poverty eradication. Read more. Source | United Nations Economic Commission for Africa