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Published on November 17, 2015

AGOA038.JPGWangari Nyanjui Founder Peperuka.

Peperuka is an apparel, textiles and cosmetics brand for the eco-friendly and socially conscious consumer. The company is built to rise above the average and fill you lives with more than just beautiful things. We aspire to warm the body, mind and spirit by blending Afro-inspired products with socially and environmentally sound business practices. We are about the good things in life. We integrate what we believe into everything we do. Our products consist of fresh, handmade body products, limited edition apparel and accessories, and upcycled home decor. With our creations, we encourage healthy, conscious living by making products from natural ingredients and promoting sustainability to create a better cleaner world. We work in partnership with suppliers and manufacturers that not only ensure consistent high quality production but also support and empower their communities, have ethical working conditions and always practice fair trade. This way, our suppliers are as happy as our customers and this makes us happy.


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