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Obama visit to highlight his legacy projects for Africa

Published on July 06, 2015

US President Barack Obama arrives in the land of his father, Kenya, this month in a confident and optimistic mood after a series of political victories at home and the American economy showing increasing strength.

President Obama, whose term ends in 18 months, will also be focused on his legacy, which includes three Africa-focused endeavours: Feed the Future (FtF), Trade Africa and Power Africa.

The president is likely to tout these initiatives as major achievements though sceptics suggest that it is premature to declare at least the trade and energy programmes successful.

They say it remains to be seen whether the first African-American US president will leave as concretely beneficial a legacy in Africa as did his predecessor.

George W Bush’s Aids relief effort and the conditioned development-assistance grants known as the Millennium Challenge Account are widely seen as far-reaching and enduring accomplishments. President Obama may therefore also be feeling defensive as he extols his Africa trade, electricity and food programmes, each of which includes Kenya and Tanzania as targeted beneficiaries. Read more. Source | The East African