November 2017 edition

  • USAID boosts food security through private-sector-led solutions 
  • East African shoes take center stage at New York footwear show
  • U.S buyer expands East African product base with support from USAID
  • Farmers and pastoralists gain from USAID-supported investment closure
  • Partnering with lawyers for implementation of the EAC Common Market Protocol
  • Enabling the Business of Agriculture -- Data Snapshots for Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya


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October 2017 edition

In this issue:

  • Promoting win-win trade and investment relationships at Africa Sourcing and Fashion Week
  • 117 trainees complete Hub-supported 8-week boot camp for careers in the apparel sector
  • Video: Transforming lives through vanilla farming cooperatives
  • Young innovator's thresher reduces harvest losses in East Africa
  • U.S buyers keen to source coffee from the East African region
  • Video: U.S. retailer features East African artisan-crafted pieces for sale
  • Giving a voice to East African cross-border traders


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September 2017 edition

  • East African farmers organize for increased productivity and integration
  • Deepening market integration for greater intra-African trade
  • Hub spurs innovation in agriculture through investment support
  • Kenyan flower exporters prepare to seize U.S market opportunities
  • The Hub supports increased investments in East Africa through GroFin grant

August 2017 edition

  • East African firms report strong linkages at August 2017 Sourcing at MAGIC
  • Overview of the Used Clothing Market in East Africa: Analysis of Determinants and Implications 
  • The Hub discusses deepening investment opportunities at this year's AGOA Forum
  • Heshima Kenya markets new "Angie" Shibori-made scarf following Angelina Jolie visit
  • Large U.S. retailer features Ugandan baskets for sale
  • Closing the gap on design skills for East African leather SMEs

July 2017 edition

In this issue
  • USAID grant signed to create 2,000 new jobs for youth in the apparel industry
  • Kenya to gain ultra-modern warehouse and logistics center with help from the Hub
  • Kenyan woman-owned home-decor company enters mainstream U.S. market
  • Burundi adopts draft law for ratification of EAC SPS Protocol
  • East African shoe manufacturers prepare to close deals at U.S. trade show
  • Closing the gap on design skills for East African leather SMEs
  • Look for us at upcoming U.S. trade shows: MAGIC, Coterie and FFNY. Showcasing the best apparel, home decor and footwear of East Africa

June 2017 edition

In this issue

  • Building East African capacity for specialty food exports to the U.S.

  • Lusaka grain trade forum connects eastern and southern Africa for the crucial movement of food commodities

  • The Hub supports increased coffee exports from the region
  • Hub and CABI partner to improve SPS risk analysis in the East African Community
  • Kenya takes steps toward implementation of the EAC Common Market Protocol 
  • Looking at Africa with an investor mindset 
  • Kenyan and Ethiopian flower exporters seek to increase their U.S market presence 

May 2017 edition

  • Postharvest innovation inspired by smallholder farmers
  • Ethiopian trucks en route to diminish Kenyan food insecurity
  • Cross-border traders share challenges and hopes with U.S. Ambassador Godec at one-stop-border-post in Busia
  • U.S. and Uganda firms explore win-win trade and investment partnerships
  • Buy from the source, Ethiopian coffee
  • East African artisans hone skills for the export market
  • East African Standards Committee approves nine EAC staple foods standards
  • Kenyan tanneries embrace international best practices



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April 2017 edition

  • USAID Counselor Views Apparel Destined for the U.S. at Kenyan Textile Factory.
  • Rice Trade Improves Between Tanzania and Rwanda.
  • Kenya Estimates Large Increase in Coffee Exports to the U.S. Following Specialty Coffee Conference.
  • Looking to Export from Uganda to the U.S. through AGOA? Let Us Help You.
  • Do You Have Solutions to the World's Greatest Development Challenges? Check Out USAID's.
  • Development Innovation Ventures Program.
  • Small-Scale Women and Youth Traders Rejoice Over Newly Gained Trade Knowledge. 

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March 2017 edition

In this issue:
  • maizeA Trade Solution to the Food Security Challenge: Surplus Grains Worth $83 Million Now Available to Countries in Need
  • Uganda Cabinet Endorses Investment Code Bill of 2017 - Further removing constraints to market access for investment 
  • Hub Expands Investment Ties in Tanzania
  • Burundi Takes a Step Toward Ratification of the EAC SPS Protocol
  • Forty-Six Contestants Remain in Hub-Supported Postharvest Technology Competition 
  • Hub Signs Grant with AGMARK to Support Cross-Border Trade in Staple Foods

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February 2017 edition

In this issue:
  • Hub and American Apparel & Footwear Association Unite for American Competitiveness and East African Growth
  • East African Businesses Form Promising Business Linkages at MAGIC 
  • The Hub Closes Agribusiness Transaction
  • Rwanda's Private Sector Prepares for Bilateral Negotiations with Kenya to Remove Trade and Investment Barriers
  • All-Star Baristas Dazzle AFCA Participants and Inspire Industry Growth
  • Hub Supports Business and Investor Linkages at Africa Finance & Investment Forum
  • East African Home Decor and Fashion Accessories Meet with Potential Buyers at Ambiente
  • Hub Signs Grant with EAGC for Improved Grain Trade
  • Hub Prepares Tanzania Businesses for Export through AGOA
  • Uganda Holds Validation Workshop for Hub-Supported AGOA Strategy and Action Plan


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