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New on our Knowledge Center: Beyond AGOA - Looking to the Future of U.S.-Africa Trade and Investment

Published on October 06, 2016

Capture.PNGBeyond AGOA: Looking to the Future of U.S.-Africa Trade and Investment is a publication of the office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR). It makes the case for strengthening the U.S.-Africa trade and investment relationship and for rethinking the policy architecture to propel this relationship into the future.

The report examines pathways for advancing U.S.-Africa trade and investment, encourages investment in sub-Saharan Africa and the building of new markets for American products and services. The basic premise is that deepening and expanding trade and investment ties is in the critical interest of both U.S. and sub-Saharan African partners.

It concludes by highlighting the various policy approaches that have been employed by the U.S. and African policymakers to date, most of which are still key in discussing the future beyond AGOA.

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