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Nelson Mandela

Published on June 06, 2017

Nelson_Mandela.jpgNelson Mandela was among the top 25 innovators in the East Africa Postharvest Technology Competition 2017.

Technology : Fruiti-Cycle

Fruiti-cycle is a low tech electric tri-cycle mounted with a detachable cooling unit powered manually by peddling. The electric energy generated manually by peddling is stored in a 1000W battery connected to the peddle. The technology provides a cooling system for food crops. The cooling system is done by collision of warm air in the storage unit and a small proportion of water in the storage unit. The unit is then powered by solar power/energy to work through peddling.

Impact : Fruiti-Cycle was introduced in 2015 and has been tested on a sample size of 10 farmers and market vendors in Uganda. The shelf life of fruits and vegetables was increased to a period of one week compared to the normal two days before drying. Fruiti- cycle offers refrigeration that helps prolong the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. The cooling system is powered by solar panel.