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Manufacturing sector seen steadily growing

Published on June 09, 2016

The President’s Manufacturer of the Year Awards (PMAYA) has clocked eleven years and so are the industries efficiency, high-tech and competition.

PMAYA has widened areas of competition as now there are 17 categories where industries are pitting in three groups—large, medium and small depending on capital, workforce and technology and environmental protection.

The first is manufacturing, assembling and processing industries where there is three sub categories -- large scale with 100bn/- annual turnover and above, 500m/- and below 1.99bn/- and above 10m/- and 499m/-.

The second is service and related industries, those large scale with a turnover of 40bn/- and above, medium with between 400m/- and 39.99bn/- and small scale below 400m/-. The last category is sub sector -- industrial activities such as pharmaceutical, finance, insurance, mineral products, printing and packaging, textile and apparels, timber and wood products and transport, storage and communications. Read more. Source | Daily News