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Managing the end-to-end extremes of Africa ports

Published on July 15, 2015

Positive developments about Africa these days are often overshadowed by dramatic scenes of terrorism, civil wars, crippling disease outbreaks and power shutdowns.

This disjointed view about the African continent is also reflected in the generally negative perception people have on its ports, liner services as well as its road- and rail-related infrastructure.

One update posted yesterday on the portal serves as a useful indicator of the extremes found in Africa. This single post demonstrates the true growth potential for the continent. It also overshadows current problems, and the high risk involved in investing in the continent.

The visiting senior advisor to the Japan International Cooperation Agency reaffirmed its support for Kenya’s future transport infrastructure, including financing for Mombasa’s second terminal, which is at least 65% complete and which will be run by concession to a private operator. Twelve of the world’s leading corporations have submitted a tender proposal. Read more. Source | Splash 24/7