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Published on August 12, 2016

The Hub is now helping to connect investors to investees in the health sector. Our partner Innovations in Healthcare, hosted by Duke University, is looking for outstanding health care innovators. Please help them by nominating or referring organizations by completing this short form by September 16th.

•  Geographies of Focus: Brazil, Southern and West Africa, Southeast Asia, India, East Africa, Mexico

•  Type of Care Focus: population health management, chronic management for non-communicable diseases (especially as connected with primary care), healthcare financing models

What is Innovations in Healthcare?

A nonprofit organization hosted by Duke University and founded in 2011 by Duke Medicine, McKinsey & Company, and the World Economic Forum. We aim to improve healthcare worldwide by supporting the scale and impact of promising innovations. We receive support from and collaborate with a global and diverse group of organizations, including corporations and foundations committed to strengthening the scale of healthcare innovations. At the heart of our work is a network of 65+ innovative enterprises working to expand global access to affordable, quality healthcare. Each year, we identify organizations with new and promising healthcare services and products to join our network. Network innovators include leading organizations such as Clínicas del Azúcar, Narayana Health, Penda Health, Forus Health, ayzh, dr. Consulta, North Star Alliance and more.

What types of innovators are the right fit for this network?

Innovations in Healthcare selects organizations to join the network based on the criteria listed below:

1.    Innovative Approach: Address critical health needs and provide significant improvements in cost, quality and/or access to health services.

2.    Readiness to Scale: Past the pilot stage and poised and prepared to expand. (Already have paying customers.)

3.    Sustainability: Organizations that have financially sustainable business models or a serious commitment to becoming sustainable. (Can be non-profit or for-profit.)

What kinds of support do Innovations in Healthcare innovators receive?

We provide our innovators with a range of benefits and services:

•  Connections to potential strategic partners and funders: We actively facilitate strategic business connections leveraging our unique network of corporations, funders, peers, academics, and others actively working in healthcare innovation. Opportunities include both in-person networking events and proactive introductions throughout the year.

•  Access to business support and learning forums: We provide access to a variety of resources designed to support scaling and replication efforts. Innovators can tap into our student internship program to receive both short and long term project support. They can participate in Innovations in Healthcare coordinated workshops and working groups focused on specific topics. They can also receive customized support and curated resources to inform their strategic planning, fundraising, and evaluation efforts.

•  Promotion opportunities at global events and in the media: Innovators can showcase their work through engagement with our global consortium of event and media partners. Innovators are highlighted on our website, profiled at major conferences and showcased through research reports and case studies that are broadly disseminated.

How can I nominate or refer an organization?

Nominate your organization or refer a promising organization by completing this short form by September 16th.

What should innovators expect from here?

Innovations in Healthcare has a two tiered selection process:

•  July 25th-September 16thth, Nomination Period: Interested innovators can self-nominate through the short online form. Finalist candidates will be notified by October 1st.

•  October 1st-October 31st, Application Period:  Finalist candidates submit more detailed applications. Internal and external review committees help to assess the finalists. Organizations selected to join our network will be notified in mid-December.


Please contact Logan Couce at if you have any questions or are interested in learning more.


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