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Lack of knowledge hinders cross-border trade - TWCC

Published on September 24, 2015

Lack of knowledge on international trade remains one of the key challenges facing local entrepreneurs, especially the youths, the Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC), director Fatma Riami has observed.

Speaking during a two days meeting for female traders from eleven regions bordering other countries, she noted that most youths fail to trade across the border due to limited knowledge on legal procedures.
“In most cases they use unregulated routes and upon arrest, they end up paying twice the amount spent on buying or abandon the goods all together” she said.
The TWCC boss noted that some youths who have been enlightened on the rightful procedures have attested that if one follows the requirements, cross border trade is quite easy.
She urged over sixty female young entrepreneurs from the eleven regions that converged here to freely share challenges they face at the border points as they sell or buy goods in other countries. Read more. Source | IPP Media