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Kikoy Mall EPZ Ltd

Published on November 20, 2015

AGOA018.JPGSajaad Alibhai Director Kikoy Mall EPZ Ltd

Kikoy Mall EPZ Ltd was established in March 2009 in Mombasa, Kenya and later moved its operations to the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) Nairobi in 2011.

The company’s main objective was to export high quality products made from local made fabric called Kikoy. A Kikoy is a 100% cotton fabric with vibrant color combinations which can be used in many ways. Today Kikoy Mall EPZ Ltd is now one of the largest exporters of the Kikoy product. We believe by providing excellent service and high quality finished products has helped the company grow to where it is today.

 Kikoy Mall EPZ Ltd exports 90% of the kikoy products to Europe and 10% to the rest of the world including garments. Some of the clients include:

1) Simone et Georges ( - France

2) Turtle Bay S.L ( – Spain

3) Atutottondo ( – Italy

4) Abra Colors ( - Spain

5) Taanzuri ( – Germany

6) Suno New York ( – U.S.A