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Kenyan SMES Prepare for Large U.S. Trade Show

Published on February 02, 2017

On January 31, the Hub held a readiness-training workshop for 30 Kenyan business people who will participate in the Hub-supported African Pavilion at Sourcing at MAGIC, the largest apparel trade show in the U.S. Hub advisors and a MAGIC advisor outlined what to expect at MAGIC and advised on how to make productive business linkages. 

The workshop was extremely useful in providing information on what to expect at MAGIC. I anticipate that the opportunity to exhibit at Sourcing at Magic will provide us with the opportunity to connect with private labels seeking suppliers as well as create visibility of our products and open up opportunities in the U.S market,” said Njoki Chege, the founder of Eleleck.


The MAGIC advisor emphasized the importance of a clear product message that captures the uniqueness of what each exhibitor offers. He also encouraged the exhibitors to keenly listen to tradeshow visitors.

Check out full presentation here 

Kenya, which has been dubbed a "focus country" by the show organizers, is keen to utilize the trade show as an avenue toward greater exports to the U.S.

The government sees sourcing at Magic as a great opportunity to build the Kenyan image internationally, opportunity for Kenyan SMEs to create trade deals with U.S buyers eventually leading to increased foreign exchange earnings,” said State Department of Trade, Mr. Symon Chelelgo.

Watch our one-minute animation for more on MAGIC, and join us there! (See invites below)