Kenyan leather trainers hone skills in India for workforce development back home

Published on June 29, 2017

Last week, Hub grantee IL&FS completed a two-week training on leather product manufacturing and design for Kenyan master trainers in Kanpur and New Delhi, India. The new trainers have a massive task in front of them: create a skilled labor force for Kenya’s new 500-acre leather park. By 2020, the Kenyan government estimates that they will need more than 50,000 employees for the park. Park investors want to make sure that these employees have the necessary skills to increase the competitiveness of Kenya’s leather sector. That’s where the Hub comes in.

To support the Kenya’s leather investment and the forthcoming increase in leather exports, the Hub has a provided a grant to the Indian company IL&FS to implement the “Kenya Leather Industry Development Program.” India is the second largest leather and leather-finished products producing country in the world. IL&FS has the expertise to teach leather best practices and a field trip to India allowed the new Kenyan master trainers to experience a high-functioning leather operation.


I was able to understand the concept of the whole ideal in multimedia transfer of skills to others. I personally will use the content in developing new methodologies to disseminate skills to my trainees. I will use this in my daily training routine as a reference point for upcoming training,” said Thomas Kilee Trainer at Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute

The training was excellent, good for machine operators who work in the leather production industry. I am not the same person. I have learnt a lot and received exposures within the industry. I am challenged to simplify my production and to increase productivity using a few resources,” said Monica Kanari from Leather Articles Entrepreneur Association.

In addition to honing their leather skills and their understanding of best leather technologies, the Kenyan trainers were able to meet with India’s Footwear Design Development Institute and National Institute of Fashion Technology to expand their awareness of the type of high-quality products needed for the export market.



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